4.6*300 Stainless steel stainless steel self locking zip tie

stainless steel cable ties offer increased strength and durability over standard Nylon cable ties. Stainless Steel cable ties can be used in almost any environment; outdoor, indoor and even underground. And have virtually limitless applications for just about every industry. stainless steel cable ties feature rounded edges and a smooth surface making these cable ties easy on the hands, in addition to a self locking head which locks into place at any point on the cable ties body. Made of high quality steel these cable ties have a high resistance to a variety of externalities including: insects, fungi, animals, molds, mildew, rot, UV Light and many chemicals.For further information or products details,please feel free to contact us. Main Market:Russia, Spain,America, Italy ,Canada etc

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cProduct Description Length:all length are available,special sizes can be customized Characteristic:Acid-resisting anti-corrosion,high tensile strength,simple and easy to use etc Working temperature:-60-150 Stainless steel ties are a great universal zip tie they offer unparalleled strength, are metal detectable, and are well-suited to work in a variety of environments. They are ideal for bundling and securing a wide assortment of cable, wires, and assemblies even in the most extreme temperatures and severe environmental conditions cProduct  Components IMG_6251   Material:

TO Part No.




SS 200/300 series

SS 200/300 series




cApplication Stainless Steel Zip Ties are ideal for bundling wires or hoses in demanding applications where corrosion, vibration, general weathering, radiation, and temperature extremes are a concern. Commonly used in industries such as mining, pulping, and chemical plants. asdadasdas1

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